Hybrid inflatable spa, bubbles or jet: which one to choose?

Among the different techniques used, you can equip yourself with an inflatable hybrid, bubble or jet spa to relax. For more information, details will be provided about this equipment. You can also visit the site Tropicspa.com for jacuzzis for sale.

The hybrid, bubble or jet spa is reminiscent of a body stretched out and massaged by the sensational pressure of water. Thanks to the many nozzles installed in the internal wall of the spa, jets come to massage your body. This action is called balneotherapy. These jets can be formed either by water alone or by a mixture of water and air. It’s in this lineup where the distiction is.
The differences between hybrid, bubble or jet spas

Inflatable bubble spa for air massage

Most bubble spas are inflatable spas. The nozzles on this equipment are designed to propel air. When the air enters the spa, it mixes with the water. This mixture ensures a perfect gentle massage on the parts of the body with a close penetration. And even if there is no one in the basin, large bubbles are still boiling. This pleasant appearance is called a hot tub. The gentle massage due to the bubble spa effectively relieves neuralgic pains and offers a perfect feeling of relaxation.

Inflatable jet spa for a water massage

For jet spas, the nozzles installed in the wall emit jets of water in power. You can also see this type of jet in several thalassotherapy establishments. These jets are generally adjustable, which allows them to directly reach the targeted body parts. The type of massage provided by the jet spa helps regulate tension, relax muscles and kill cellulite.

Inflatable bubble spa, jet

This type of spa is also called a hybrid inflatable spa. To get the most satisfaction from the many benefits of balneotherapy at a lower cost, choose this latest type of inflatable spa. The evolution of technology has been able to combine bubbles and jets. You can activate bubbles and jets separately as needed, or you can use both simultaneously.

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