How to keep your spa clean ?

We all love the fun parts of owning a hot tub relaxing, reading, testing out our theories about time travel. But along with all the good times comes a bit of necessary upkeep. Staying on top of hot tub care like cleaning your spa, balancing the water chemistry, and making repairs means you’re hot tub is ready for action when you are.

Use Pantyhose for Cleaner Flows

Maintaining balanced chemistry in a body of water as small as your hot tub means you’ll be changing the water frequently. You can keep recirculated dirt and debris from getting into your filter system by covering the lower return inlets with pantyhose when you change the water. Keeping that gunk out of your filter system reduces the stress on your spa’s system and helps keep it working longer. Cleaner water also means you’ll have a leg up on balancing water chemistry, too.

Tennis Balls Backhand Dirt and Grime

Want to keep body oils, hair products, lotions, and other goop from entering your jacuzzi spa filter? Drop a few tennis balls into your spa’s skimmers, or even directly into the water. Your fuzzy, yellow friends will soak up the bad stuff in their fibres and make it easier to keep your spa looking, and feeling, clean and healthy. For best results, change them regularly, especially if you use your tub frequently or have a lot of people using the tub at once.

Keep Your Hot Tub Cover Fresh with Bleach

One of the most overlooked areas of proper hot tub care is treating your hot tub cover right. Exposed as they are to constant heat and moisture, hot tub covers can develop a musty or mildew smell if they’re not cleaned properly. You can keep the funk away by using a simple bleach solution to clean your hot tub cover. In a spray bottle, combine nine parts water to one part bleach, and use it to clean the underside of your hot tub cover every 90 days.

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